Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wake up morning to have class at 9am.. *yawn*
Today morning rain le.. so cool.. i love rain in the morning.
8.35am only start to go to school.
On my way to school, have a nasi lemak stall.
I just stopped by and bought RM2 of kuih.. so full..
sambil eat sambil drive.. kaka
reach school already 9.10..
omg.. i'm late..
luckily still got people late than me..
today lecture call us to design the type face for A-Z , a-z, and 0 -9
today not that mood to think about design la..
but at last i create out the design.
lecturer called us to design a poster.
call us to do research on other poster.
that time already 11.45,
then i tell lecturer i go back first because today wanna hav lunch with my hubby zai.
today go eat ZAP COI rice..
quite nice, and cheap.
after that hav some fruit... omg.. is damn full...
then go back hubby zai company.
maybe hubby zai is too tired le, just lay down a while in my car also asleep liao..
i didn't wake him up, just diam diam sit beside him and looking at him..
he really tired, i know.
12.55pm, he awake, haiz. its time for him to work already.
Have to say bye to him.
then i move my way to YIK FOONG.
today go back yesterday that shop to see whether the cover of my 5800 got other type anot.
Found another 2 type, i juz take back the type that almost same with my current cover.
Because hubby zai suit it.
Pay jor then walk around YIK FOONG, saw 1 terabyte hard disk, the first shop selling for RM359.
i found another shop selling for RM345, the third shop i found RM315.. lol
it is cheaper and cheaper, then i remembered my gu jie taught she have a new hard disk at kl.
Also 1 tb.. then i msg her, she say she bought for RM300. =.=
luckily i din buy at YIK FOONG.
now i still deciding wanna buy a not... but RM300 is really cheap lo.. compare to those 500GB, alsoo RM300++
before go back on car, i walk the stairs at the yik foong.
haiz.. pk at stairs, luckily not many people saw.. i tell hubby zai,
hubby zai tell me dont walk those stair again! got many colour wolf.
hehe.. hubby zai, next time i wont de la..
go back to college library... (By the way, i found parking after i turn 5 round around the college)
access internet, boring~
suddenly hubby zai video call me.. i run outside to have the call... =.=
having class later at 4pm, tata....

show the alphabalt that i created in the morning~

thinking to create other pattern. Give some comment accordin to the font.

I WANT GO GENTING AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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