Sunday, September 18, 2011

A long post

20 August is my hubby zai 21st year old birthday.
erm.. He consider adult, no more teenager lo..
we having out dinner at Euro House.
Around 7pm, he came my house to take me out.
We reach there at almosr 7.30Pm
He met his old schoolmate BOON SIM.
He is working at there.
We order our meal.. then continue our chat.
As you all know, we two got a lot of thing to chat.
many of other tot we are just some fresh dating, but we are not.
we know each other for more than 10 years. hehe

my drinks. lemon ice blanded

having his favourite chocolate blended

our drinks

my chicken chop.. erm.. quite nice... taste that i never eat before

his steak.. 

after we eat.. we had a car chat with him. Chatting inside the car with him is kinda comfortable and nice.
I love to chat with him. 
after that, he brought me to experience the night life of IPOH. 
Really my first experience. we enjoyed it.

i think he is enjoying~

i love this picture so much.. naughty face of him..

While we go back home, there is a road block.
Luckily is a normal road block.
He is sweet that night, a really sweet guy.
Happy 21st birthday, my Hubby Zai. 

on the next tuesday, his holiday. we went out to Ipoh Parade.
We have our sushi lunch. First time treat him for sushi.
haha... his sushi set with taiwan fried chicken.

what we had eat.. Lol.. is damn full..

cute u.. when having his green tea.

after that, he went to get some touch up for his tattoo.
Is very nice after this touch up.
nice right??

at night.. we went to celebrate his mom birthday. We went to Yeolde English.

That girl is his niece, Qiqi. Having a lot of fun during snapping picture.

On the other day, Wednesday. We had a breakfast at his Brother in law shop. 
After that we went for a movie with his eldest brother.
The movie that we watched was "the rising of the planet".
Nice movie!!!
After that we have sing k section.

lovely stitch bottle.
We went home about 5pm. 
Really an enjoyable Holiday..

Here is some of my self portrait for his birthday night, if u all feel annoying, can ignore it.

Two more days he will have holidays again. Hope will have a nice Holiday with him again. Good night world.