Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hang out with friends

Last sunday, Cindy, Ching and me went to the new Aeon. Ching and me go there together.
We so lucky, found parking very fast!! Hahaha

We found Cindy at Watson. The signal there really poor, use so long time to find Cindy because cannot call her,.

Then we walk around. We seems like Accompany Cindy to shopping. Lol
Cindy bought something whenever we went which shop. Hahahaha

Then after a while, Cindy want to try cloth in the shop. Hahaha. We spilt inside the fitting room and take picture.

Then we went to eat Kenny Rogers roaster, but Cindy sit awhile and went back with her parents. Ching and I having lunch there.

Then we walk again. After that I send ching back to her house. Lol, that's our day.

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