Saturday, April 7, 2012

Genting trip on valentine 2012

Hubby zai and me gone to Genting this valentines!
The first valentines that we having at far away from our home.
We take a van to Genting. By the way, the van driver drove very fast and we are scared! Hahaha..
We reached there around 10am in the morning.. Lol.. Is fast right? It is because we start our journey about 7am and between we still can have the breakfast.
Then we go check in to the hotel!
Hi-tech sangat or I too long din go out to travel.. Now first world hotel can use a kiosk to check in!
Lol.. We are too kampung!
We have our day and at night we watched a movie. After the movie, I stupid tot that my iPhone left in the cinema and go back to search, but cannot find it. I cry and cry, he very man and hug me tight.

And then, he tried to call my phone again in the room. Wtf! Is ringing!!! I'm so happy that I juz stupid and forgot I put on the desk and his cloth cover it! A scary experience!

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