Sunday, May 23, 2010


new sem is start on coming Monday.. tomorrow..
i have to learn new thing..
hope i will enjoy and learn a lot of thing in this sem..
by the way.. my dad still haven't give me the fees.. lol
this two weeks i do enjoy my holidays..
juz a little bit not happy..
never mind.. i wil be ok..
having a gathering with my ex-classmate.
although just 5 people but we do enjoy.
Long time didn't go for movie.
can anyone bring me?
I saw a lot of new movie on screen.
Hope a new maid will come as soon as possible.
is touchering me now.
yes, i admit i am lazy to do house work.
i need a maid!!!!!!!!
i am lazy to write blog.
i am emo some of the time nearly.
i am weird thinking nearly.
i am dunno what am i doing nearly.


I AM NOT HAPPY NEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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