Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holiday for us

Is our holiday again. Erm, suppose to say his holiday and I follow him to holiday.

Early in the morning, we went to mama shop with his mom and eat mama noodles. Wow, bf be the boss treat me and his mom to eat. Kekekeke.

After that, we fetch his mom to saloon and we went to fix his car. His car door there de cloth come out Liao. He went to call someone to stick it back. The shop near his sister restaurant and I scared the sun, I went to his sister shop and sit to wait him.

Then he come along. We just finished the breakfast at mama there but he want to eat the "Hoi jit". Then he go to true opposite restaurant to buy it. I love the "Hoi jit" too.. Haha

Within 1 hour, his car is ready. Then he suggested to Cameron highland to have a drink. Haha, we like the drinks .

Then, we have a car trip to Cameron highland. Lol. I love to sit in the car with his driving skill. Is so comfortable and nice. (although the cloth just fix back the smell is terrible) . Within an hour, we reached the restaurant that we want to go. The weather is just feel comfortable. I like that kind of weather.

We went to the shop and have a drinks. We ordered strawberry milkshake that we love most and this time we ordered a fish and chips! Hahaha . We have our drinks, but the taste seems change already, last time is full of strawberry but this time too many milk.

Then we go back to Ipoh. Is so scary when we go back, because the sky full of dark cloud. Then the whole afternoon we stay at house to sleep. Haha. Sleep the whole afternoon.

At night, we went to the new aeon, his mom treat us to eat nando's chicken. The taste is so nice that we didn't taste before. We so geng, ordered the most spicy one. Hahaha. His sister order a lot of food until we cannot finish the food.

Then we have a walk. He bought a shoe for me which is from cotton on. The color of the shoe very nice, fresh green!! Wow, I have the first fresh green shoe! Hahaha. Thanks hubby zai. The shoe very comfortable! 

Then I follow his mom to go home because my car still at his home. He went to cc with his basketball friends. I went back home and sleep lu..
Is so tired recently.

The next day, we two go to have sim sum at town. It is his favourite dim sum shop. Lol, order a lot of food again. He da bao for his dad and bro. Then we tot to go the new restaurant to have a cup of coffee but the restaurant din open. Then we straight away to go to parade.

He is the first time to go parade so early, hahaha. We only walk on the corridor cause all the shop haven't open. Is so funny and weird to walk outside the corridor. Then we decide to go to aeon again.

We walk around and have lunch at KimGary. After we eat then we walk a while then go home lo. In the evening, I fetch cousin back home, he go play basketball. After that, he come my house and fetch me to tesco.

Lol. We have KFC as dinner. Gosh, we gainin fats these two days. After we have dinner and we went to buy the things that we need and he sent me back. Is so happy these two days.

Haiz, have to wait a month again that he have his holiday again.

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beekee beekee said...

the shoe in cotton on i saw before and i like it too!!! but i like blue and pink color =P